Alumni Athletes


Class of 2020

Ian Howell – University of Jamestown (wrestling)
Dakota Johnson – St. Andrews University (wrestling)
Lane Wilson – St. Andrews University (wrestling)

Class of 2019

Shelby Cloud – Columbus State University (cheerleading)
Taylor Warren – University of the Cumberlands (cross country)

Class of 2018

Kailey Burrell – Covenant College (softball and soccer)
Gracie Goode – Georgia Northwestern Technical College (volleyball)
Gage Henry – Covenant College (basketball)
Sydney Poston – Shorter University (softball)
Jonathan Wood – Maryville College (basketball)

Class of 2017

Whitney Craig – Georgia Northwestern Technical College (cheerleading)
Hannah Monday – Covenant College (basketball)

Class of 2016

DQ Cole – Highlands Community College (football)
Teddy Cole – Highlands Community College (football)
Sierra Dawson – Dalton State College (cheerleading)
Aubree Drew – Dalton State College (cheerleading)
Keith Jones – Northwest Kansas Community College (wrestling)
Haley Keesler – Agnes Scott College (softball/cross country)
Kayla Smith – University of North Georgia (cheerleading)

Class of 2015

Lauren Breeden – Wallace State Community College (basketball)
Josh Core – Southern Wesleyan University (baseball)
Nic Gaddis – Jacksonville State University (baseball)
Sarah Reid – Wallace State Community College (basketball)
Warren Smith – Georgia Northwestern Technical College (basketball)

Class of 2014

Clynt Bell – Dalton State College (basketball) – National Champion
Chase Cole – Georgia Northwestern Technical College (golf)
Madison Gossett – Brenau University (softball)
Madison Lacy – Brenau University (softball)
Dina Stagg – University of South Carolina at Salkehatchie (soccer)

Class of 2013

Cole Birchfield – Shorter University (basketball)
Ansley Chilton – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (basketball)
Kolbie Gass – Reinhardt University (football)
Travis Nunley – Reinhardt University (football)
Lindsey Tinker – Faulkner University (basketball/cheerleading)
Erika Woodfin – Reinhardt University (basketball)

Class of 2012

Molly Rogers – University of the South (cheerleading)

Class of 2011

Blayton Bethune – Reinhardt University, University of Pikeville (football)
Travis Core – North Georgia College and State University (basketball)
Nick Lawson – Reinhardt University (football)
Rhett Lusk – LaGrange College (baseball)
Chris Little – LaGrange College (football)
Andrew Reid – Young Harris College, College of Coastal Georgia (basketball)

Class of 2010

Jake Bell – Wallace State Community College (golf)
Andrew Houts – Columbus State University (basketball)
Taylor Mai – Wallace State Community College (golf)
Ben Patton – Georgia Northwestern Technical College (basketball)

Class of 2009

Lauren Grisham – Wallace State Community College (basketball)
Jesse Moore – Georgia Northwestern Technical College (basketball)

Class of 2008

Becky Blevins – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (cheerleading)
Christine Core – Covenant College (softball)
Tommy Grisham – Auburn University at Montgomery (basketball)

Class of 2007

Ashley Boyd – East Tennessee State University (softball)
Kim Cuticchia – Covenant College (softball)
Hope Knight – Covenant College (basketball)
Carrie Morris – Martin College (softball)

Class of 2006

Ashley Houts – University of Georgia (basketball)
Jarrett Moore – Reinhardt University (golf)

Class of 2005

Ashley Cuticchia – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (softball)
Jesse Gowan – Oglethorpe College (basketball)
Laura Moore – Middle Tennessee State University (softball)
Rachel Reed – Cleveland State Community College (softball)
Chad Reeves – Berry College (baseball)
Cara Stephens – Shorter University (softball)
Matt Woods – Georgia Northwestern Technical College (basketball)

Class of 2004

Cherish Bell – Savannah College of Art and Design (basketball)
Amanda Bowman – Motlow State Community College (softball)
Alison Dean – Gadsden State Community College, Motlow State Community College (softball/cross country)
Emily Houts – Gadsden State Community College (basketball)
Sandra Matthews – Chattanooga State Community College (basketball)
Travis McDaniel – Gadsden State Community College, Tennessee Wesleyan University (baseball)
Crystal Smith – Lee University (basketball)

Class of 2003

Tres Avans – Chattanooga State Community College, University of West Alabama (baseball)
Trestian Miller – Kennesaw State University (cheerleading)
Kevin Morris – Tennessee Wesleyan University (baseball)
Jeremy Neeley – Jacksonville State University (football)

Class of 2002

Joe O’Keefe – University of Georgia (football)
Haley Stone – Cleveland State Community College (softball)

Class of 2001

Jack Cash – Berry College (baseball)
Jessica Holland – Chattanooga State Community College (softball)
Todd Reeves – Snead State Community College (cheerleading)
Hilary Wall – Snead State Community College (cheerleading)

Class of 2000

Matt Abram – Snead State Community College (baseball)
Darian Jordan – University of Northern Alabama (football)
Haley Konrad – Troy State University (basketball)
Lauren McKaig – Carson Newman University (softball)
Alan Morris – Emory and Henry College (tennis/cross country)
Gene Nelson – Snead State Community College (football)
Lyndi Sippel – Mississippi State University, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (basketball)
Jade Stone – University of North Georgia (softball)
Vanessa White – University of Alabama at Birmingham (basketball)

Class of 1999

Josh Hurst – Columbus State University (cheerleading)
Oliver McCord – Troy State University (football)
Kendra Moore – Covenant College (basketball)
Mark Moses – Oglethorpe College (basketball)
Tara Underwood – Berry College (basketball)
Nancy Williams – Shorter University (basketball)

Class of 1998

Adam Cannon – Columbus State University (baseball) – National Champion
Cynthia Collins – Hiwassee College (cheerleading)
Candace Rogers – Chattanooga State Community College (basketball)

Class of 1997

Brooke Donahue – Shorter University (basketball)
Josh Gifford – Roane State University (baseball)
Cristy Smith – University of Alabama at Birmingham (basketball)

Class of 1996

Christy Beatty – Chattanooga State Community College (basketball)
Patsy Boynton – Shorter University (basketball)
Kevin Carroll – Berry College (basketball)
Travis York – Chattanooga State Community College, Southern Polytechnic State University (baseball)

Class of 1995

Lamar Burrell – Samford University (football)
Tina Clift – Gordon College (softball)
Alicia Harmon – Snead State Community College, Martin Methodist College (basketball)
Amber Wheeler – Western Carolina University (basketball)

Class of 1994 (Northwest Georgia High School)

Tara Getter – Columbus State University (basketball)
Craig Taylor – Chattanooga State Community College, Shorter University (tennis)
Christy Weldon – Chattanooga State Community College (softball)
Amber Wheeler – East Carolina University (basketball)

Class of 1993 (Northwest Georgia High School)

Kenny Anderson – Faulkner University (basketball)
Jamie McBryar – Tennessee Technological University (football)
Carissa Rogers – Lee University (basketball)

Class of 1992 (Northwest Georgia High School)

Jamie Duarte – Middle Tennessee State University (football)
Michael Knaby – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (football)
Brenda Reeves – Georgia Southwestern State University (basketball)

Class of 1991 (Northwest Georgia High School)

Belinda Cagle – East Carolina University (basketball)

Class of 1990 (Northwest Georgia High School)

Bobby Getter – Western Carolina University (basketball)
Tim Ellis – Columbus State University (basketball)

Class of 1989 (Northwest Georgia High School)

Bradley Warren – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (football)

Class of 1988 (Northwest Georgia High School)

Jay Bryan – Carson Newman University (football)
Chuck Hill – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (football)
Rick Hurst – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (football)

Class of 1980 (Northwest Georgia High School)

Mary Beth Rogers – Hiwassee College (basketball)
Chris Stallings – Bryan College, Shorter University (baseball)

Class of 1976 (Northwest Georgia High School)

Greg Houts – Chattanooga State Community College, Middle Tennessee State University (basketball)

Class of 1974 (Dade High School)

Mark Cash – Troy State University (football)

Class of 1973 (Dade High School)

Sharon Rogers – Hiwassee College (softball), Tennessee Wesleyan University (tennis)

Class of 1972 (Dade High School)

Lewis Wheeler – Berry College (baseball)