Wolverines News · DCHS Weight Training/Conditioning Athlete of the Week June 8 -12

Each week our DCHS coaches will be selecting an athlete of the week from various groups (Softball/Basketball, Cheer, Cross Country, Football/Wrestling).  The requirements are simple:  1) Be present every day that their group is scheduled for that week.  2) Be a leader by example  3) Have a relentless work ethic.  GHSA released student-athletes and coaches to begin training on June 8, after weeks off due to COVID-19.  Currently, several groups are training throughout the day at DCHS, following a strict set of guidelines.

Coach Regena Logan/Coach Stephen Graham selected Kaitlyn Stinnett.  Softball/Basketball Group

Congratulations Kaitlyn for working hard and not only pushing yourself, but pushing others in your group!