Wolverines News · Fraze Mowing and Other Projects at Magic Morgan Stadium

As we press forward on trying to make improvements to our athletic fields/facilities, this week GroundsCARE Unlimited was in town doing a process called fraze mowing at Magic Morgan Stadium to our football/soccer field.  This process is making its way into the United States from Europe.  It’s trending in major football programs in the south.  We were fortunate enough to schedule the procedure to be completed in June.  Our grass should be fully recovered in five to six weeks. GroundsCARE Unlimited also repaired some of our infield lips on the baseball field.  Thanks Matt!

Check out the video of the first pass down the middle of the football field here. IMG_0976.TRIM (1)

Check out the video of the repair of the infield lips on the baseball field here. IMG_0972.TRIM

Also, thanks to Gary Heaton and Heaton Pressure Washing for the work on the concrete surrounding the stadium.  Gary and his crew pressure washed concrete from home bleachers to visitors bleachers, including the field house and ticket booth.  If you are gifted at using a pressure washer and would be interested in volunteering your time to help us clean the bleachers, please email brentcooper@dadecs.org and let us know.